PEMU Computer Services Client Coverage


Most technology service professionals, and IT and computer consultants need a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). Why? Because it helps protect your technology business in much the same way a homeowner’s insurance policy helps protect your home and personal possessions.


By combining three basic insurance coverage that are important to virtually every small business, including technology service, IT and computer professionals, we have a policy that covers our customer’s properties and us.

  1. General Liability – helps protect your technology business from certain lawsuits alleging injuries or property damage that occurred as the result of your business operations – like if customers hurt themselves at our workplace or an employee damages a customer’s property while fixing their computer at their home. It even helps cover certain claims of slander and libel against our technology business. The business Liability insurance does not cover liabilities directly arising out of the professional services we may provide.

  2. Commercial Property – helps protect the place where we do business and the things we use to conduct business, like tools and equipment we use to fix or upgrade computer hardware components,.

  3. Business Income – helps cover the loss of income when we can’t run our, IT services or computer business because of covered property damage.